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About ReUSE

We provide spaces for the campus community to exchange, donate, and buy reusable goods. Our mission is not only to divert reusable goods from landfill, but to provide an affordable and accessible sustainable resource for students. Our funds go to charity and to maintaining the club.


Our ReUSE Store in MLK is our main resource to divert the waste of clothes, small household items,  electronics, and more. We accept donations and one-for-one trades, or you can purchase items in the store for $3 or less! Our store is volunteer run.

Our ReUSE Stations consist of shelving units placed in buildings where campus members donate, Cal Zero Waste and ReUSE restock, and students and staff pick up reusable materials. Items vary from office supplies, books, games, trinkets, one side clean paper, and much more. Volunteers make sure the stations stay stocked and clean.

For those with bigger items, mass amounts of items, or specific needs, please refer to this link in order to find the right resources on campus for your needs.

In addition to creating permanent spaces for free-exchanges and diverting waste, ReUSE hosts events to divert even larger amounts from the landfill and provide even more to the campus community. Events include our beginning of the semester Reader Give Away, sales at our store throughout the year, workshops to teach you how to creatively reuse, and more!